How to Apply


The House of Studies admits men as candidates for its Certificate of Sacred Theology (Sacrae Theologiae Certificatum, S.T.C.).  The House of Studies is also able, in appropriate circumstances, to admit as students those who, without necessarily distinguishing a call to Holy Orders, are interested in pursuing Anglican theological studies in the atmosphere of learning and theological advancement. In addition, the House of Studies may admit those students from the Anglican Province of America (APA) and other continuing Anglican bodies who have prior theological education outside of the Anglican tradition where the Certificate of Sacred Theology will provide them with additional education and formation. The following requirements must be satisfied prior to admission:

  1. Each prospective student must be approved by the Dean and faculty.
  2. Each prospective student must be at least twenty years of age and hold a high school diploma. This requirement may not be waived.


The House of Studies demands of each student the maintenance of orthodoxy in the Faith, good order, and a high standard of moral probity, and retains the right to suggest a leave of absence or to dismiss any student falling short of acceptable behavior.  The Faculty of the House of Studies are held to the same standards.


Holy Orders have an intrinsic sense of particular vocation. The House of Studies exists, therefore, not as a trade school, but as a community of prayer and study where the individual can discover whether he has such a vocation, and where the sponsoring Diocese and/or jurisdiction can decide whether the student has the necessary aptitude. For those who do have a vocation, there are immediate openings for work throughout the Church.


All applicants must submit a complete application package to:

James DeKoven House of Studies

Office of the Registrar

Attn: Norma Jean Giffin


8437 Bell Oaks Drive

Newburgh, IN 47630



A Complete application package for the Certificate program consists of the following:

1.  The completed application and recommendation forms (one parish/institutional recommendation and two (2) personal recommendations)

2.  A recent full-face photograph of the applicant

3.  A non-refundable application fee of (US $50) by check or money order payable to the

"Diocese of Mid-America", designated for "James DeKoven House of Studies"