Church Planting and Vocations

We in the Diocese of Mid-America, Anglican Province of America, are very committed to the planting of new traditional Anglican missions to further the Gospel throughout the geography committed to our charge. If you live in a community that does not presently have a traditional Anglican presence, we want to hear from you!

About 2000 years ago Paul wrote a letter to a group of believers in Philippi from a jail in Rome. He quickly pointed out that for God’s Kingdom purposes, being in jail was just fine. “But I want you to know, brethren that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the Gospel.” (see Philippians 1:12)

Later Paul instructed the Philippians to strive together for the faith of that Gospel (see Philippians 1:27). Obviously Paul wanted the Philippians to pass along the Gospel to other non-believers. But if Paul is so concerned about the Philippians furthering the Gospel, why would he write a letter so devoid of methods and techniques for witnessing and church planting? After all, he is in jail and doesn’t have the luxury of ongoing communication with the Philippians. He only has this one letter. He has one shot. What could Paul be thinking?

A Missionary Church Planter in the Anglican Tradition

If we want to understand the story of the Philippian church, we cannot separate it from Paul’s early Christian experiences. Before the church at Philippi existed, God had called Paul to be an apostle, literally, “one sent out” (apostolos), for the sake of the Gospel (see Romans 1:1). The Holy Spirit called Paul through the church at Antioch and sent him out for a special task (see Acts 13: 2-4). Sixteen years later, the Philippian church was started (see Acts 16:11-40) because of Paul’s call and sending by the Holy Spirit. The bottom line? Paul’s obedience to God’s call at Antioch and the resulting new church at Philippi, illustrates the outcomes of a God-sent, missionary church planter. We need God-sent, missionary church planters in the Diocese of Mid-America to expand the Gospel in the Anglican tradition.

Please contact the Bishop Ordinary Bp. Robert Giffin, if you are interested in beginning discussion on how a new Anglican mission may be planted and begun in your local community, as well as Vocations inquiries.